Summary of Construction, Design and Environmental Control Guidelines

These guidelines postulate details in design, construction and environmental care in order to protect and enhance the investment of each proprietor. The focus is to preserve environmental quality for the enjoyment and well being of the community. Here we present a brief summary of these guidelines. Please contact us for the complete document in detail.

Single-Family Residential: The estates are single-family residential units on which it is not permitted to build condominiums, apartments, rooms,  nor any other construction not destined to be single-family residences.

Setbacks shall be along all exterior boundaries, with measurements of 40 meters in front and back and a minimum of 20 meters on side boundaries.

Lot Preservation and Building Footprint: 95% of your estate must remain in its natural state. On the remaining 5% of the area of the lot, clearing is allowed and all construction and/or improvements such as residence, landscaping, garden, pool but the 5% use area must be a contiguous area, containing all improvements to the estate.

Tree Preservation: Trees classified by the Official Mexican Norm NOM-059-ECOL-1994 that determines rare, endemic and endangered species or which are subject to special protection shall be preserved.

Wastewater and Constructed Wetlands Only constructed wetlands systems designed by professional experts and approved by los árboles may be used for septic needs. Pre-approved designs will be provided.

Roads: The construction of all paths/roads shall use materials that permit the filtration of water to the underground.

Construction Materials: The use of natural materials in all construction, such as: roofing clay tiles, clay slabs, ceramic, walls smoothed with a rustic texture, wood, wrought iron, etc., is encouraged. The roofing systems of all construction shall include the necessary adaptations to capture and take advantage of rainwater.

Restrictions: It is expressly forbidden to:

  • To deposit any type of residual objects in places other than designated areas.
  • To burn or use agro-chemical products while disposing of trees and weeds inside the approved building area.
  • To spill fuel, fat, oils and hydrocarbons coming from any type of machinery.
  • To discharge domestic soapy or residual waters in open areas.
  • To clear-cut any amount of jungle flora inside the lot’s 95% preserve requirement.
  • To introduce non-native flora. Landscaping must utilize only native, indigenous species. For a list of plant species found locally, please reference the los árboles Ecological Study.
  • To disturb, capture, hunt and market animals living within the community of los árboles.

Garbage: Trash collection will be collected on a periodic basis in containers approved by the municipal authorities and will not be allowed to accumulate outside of any residential units.

Privacy Fencing: In order to retain the natural ecosystem of the area, no fences will be allowed except for within the permissible 5% building area. Walls of stone may be used, however we recommend incorporating native live hedge plants, open wood, or iron fences.

Pets: Domestic animals shall be in the possession of their owners at all times, whether by leash or containment system, and shall not be permitted to roam free. This is to prevent the disturbance of the local, wild fauna.

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