Lic. Antonella Vazquez Cavedon, Sr. Associate - Alanis Serrano Doblado Lawfirm

Antonella VazquezLic. Antonella Vázquez Cavedon, Senior Associate at Alanis Serrano Doblado Lawfirm, has been key to our success in Federal, State and Municipal permits and entitlements in Los Árboles Tulum.

She has been there every step of the way to assure all licenses and corporate processes are in order. ASD Law firm focuses on real-estate transactions in Mexico and provides consulting on property acquisition and sale, tourism and real-estate development. Mrs. Vázquez’s knowledge of coastal-area property acquisition and special foreigner statutory compliance led to the success with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She has a one year old baby that has changed her life and makes her even more dedicated to affecting change in Mexico.

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