Los Arboles Tulum Testimonials

When I began my search for property in the Mayan Riviera I was overwhelmed and a little afraid of what seemed to be a very complicated and risky process for foreign buyers.  Once I discovered Los Arboles Tulum all of my fears were put to rest.  Not only is the development a beautiful example of a natural, old growth jungle habitat, it is also fully titled and insured which I feel is very important for anyone considering purchasing land in Mexico.

Los Arboles Tulum made the purchase process so simple that I didn't even need to leave my home in California to buy my lot.  All of the requirements and costs for purchase were spelled out completely and clearly in the purchase contract.  With only a few faxes and a couple of wire transfers for payment my purchase was complete and I had legal title to my lot.  And what a lot it is!  The massive hardwoods and towering guano palms stand tall over an undulating jungle floor dotted with deep caves and beautiful limestone formations.  Wild orchids and bromeliads are in bloom throughout the year.  Butterflies and birds with colors so vibrant they twinkle like jewels flutter through the dappled sunlight that peeks through the high jungle canopy overhead.  I've seen monkeys playing in the treetops, wild turkeys, deer, foxes and all sorts of exotic wildlife thriving in their natural habitat in my time here.  With the 95% jungle preservation rules Los Arboles Tulum has in place I am happy to know that I have not only purchased a beautiful place in this tropical paradise for me to call home, but that my purchase guarantees that all of the amazing diversity of flora and fauna will continue to have a home here as well.  There are many new developments popping up all over Tulum and the surrounding areas.  With the beautiful beaches, lush jungle, stunning Mayan ruins, crystal clear cenotes and the rich cultural heritage of the Mayan people still thriving here it's easy to see why people are drawn to this unique location.  Growth and development in Tulum will continue but it doesn't have to be at the expense of the ecosystem if it's done right.  Los Arboles Tulum is proof of that and I couldn't be happier with my decision to make this place my home.

Ken Bryan

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